Founded by Mike Pfriender who began conducting investigations as a Police Officer in New York for 17 years until work related injuries ended his career. Mike then became a Risk Manager and Private Investigator for one of the largest investigation companies on Long Island, eventually being promoted to New York State Supervisor. Mike was personally requested by insurance companies, car rental, trucking companies, corporations and law firms to conduct investigations around the country.

Relocating to Las Vegas in 1998, Mike continued conducting investigations as a Branch Manager for an out of state company. Finally, in 2008 Mike had enough with the corporate ways, so he and his family opened MP Investigations to provide the finest investigative services available, at reasonable rates, with no hidden fees.

Mike’s wife of 30 years, Ruth, had always worked alongside of him. His two sons, Jason & Corey had also been at his side while growing up and continue to work next to him learning every aspect of the business. Corey was promoted to vice president in 2014.

Mike is not only proud of passing his knowledge and expertise onto his family and other staff, but he is most proud that he has passed his ethics and integrity onto everyone associated with him.

This is not only a family owned & operated business, but our employees also have a vested interest in it as well. This means that each and every client, as well as each and every file is extremely important to everyone here at MP Investigations.

V.P. Richard Domeikis, Senior Investigators Gabriel Martinez and Cody Marvin have all been with the company since we opened and all have become valuable members of our family.

Another important member of our surveillance and investigation team, as well as our family is Corey’s longtime girlfriend Paige Thomas.

All of our investigators are full-time salaried employees who allow us to operate differently than other investigations firms, or national vendors, who often utilize part-time employees, or who sub-contract cases, which is actually illegal in the state of Nevada.

Very rarely, if at all, will you find another company that does not charge for services that they provide. We do. As an example, there have been many times when we have not had a good, physical address for a claimant and we learned that such a claimant would be attending a medical exam, hearing, deposition, etc. and knowing that this may be the one and only time to identify where that claimant would be and that this could be the only opportunity to develop a good address, we have utilized 2, 3, or even 4 investigators (In separate vehicles) at no extra charge to the client. This being done to ensure our success in following that claimant through the congested Las Vegas Valley streets to a good, present physical address.

(We do try harder than everyone else!)

You will never find any hidden charges such as with other companies. There is never a file setup, or file review charge.

We work with our clients and can work within any budgets. Flat rates are also available.

On call 24/7 for many of our construction, taxi, car rental and service industries. NEVER ANY EXTRA CHARGE!!

Complete scene investigations including measurements, photos, video and most importantly, statements containing facts beneficial to your defense.

Because of our knowledge and experience, we specialize in developing subrogation possibilities.

Representing insurance companies, law firms and corporations in defense matters only.
(We do not operate any other businesses such as security, pre-employment background searches, etc. We do not represent private individuals. Insurance Defense Investigations are all we do!)

Do not get thrown into a National Vendor Panel where results most often do not matter to the investigators, managers, owners, or most of their subcontractors. The only thing that does matter to most of them is billable hours!!!!!!!!!

If you do get placed with a National Vendor Panel, demand that they utilize our services as we are listed on most of them. If we are not, request that we are placed on their panel.

Demand the best, request MP Investigations.