We utilize the most modern surveillance equipment; including the highest quality video, most current and up to date computers and databases, in order to provide our clients with the most recent information available. Las Vegas has long been known to be an itinerant city with people constantly moving in and out of the city by the thousands every month. Our preliminary searches including Department of Motor Vehicle and Computerized Inquiries often save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars knowing that we are conducting surveillance at the correct location/address and of the correct individual.

All of our investigators are long-term employees who are full-time, salaried and will probably be with us forever. They have all become part of our family and as such will always be available for testimony purposes. Why hire companies whose video will not be admissible if
the investigators are not available and cannot be found to testify regarding the video that they obtained? Over the past several years we have been retained by law firms to locate investigators who had been working for other companies and who were now needed for court purposes. Unfortunately, the investigation companies who had employed them no longer knew their present whereabouts which is why our services were retained to locate them.

While other investigation companies will have hidden fees, or charge for receipt of assignment, file setup, etc., you will never find any of these in our invoices. The item most found in our invoices that you might find unusual would be “no charges”. We understand that you have many other investigation companies to choose from, which is why we do everything in our power to provide you with the finest investigations services available. To do so, this it may occasionally require us to utilize 2, 3, or even 4 investigators, in separate vehicles, to follow claimants over the congested Las Vegas streets. We may very often utilize additional investigators in our remote areas as well, at no extra charge to our clients.

We will work within budgets, or provide you with flat rates. You are our bosses!